Tom Waits: A Photo Session With Mitchell Rose

The Mule is delighted to announce the release of Tom waits: A Photo Session With Mitchell Rose.


Tom Waits: A Photo Session With Mitchell Rose provides a unique glimpse into the time Tom Waits spent as a permanent resident at the infamous Tropicana Motel in West Hollywood. By 1977, Waits had immersed himself in the world of sleaze and excess he was writing about. Waits sits on a lawn chair in his cluttered bungalow, surrounded by empty bottles and cigarette butts atop piles of records, magazines, books and cardboard boxes. Other portraits show Waits playing the dusty piano where he composed in his kitchen, having sawn off the draining board to make room. Throughout this remarkable book, Mitchell Rose shares previously unpublished photographs from what he describes as the most memorable photo session of his career.

The book is available in both hardcover and softcover editions, as well as a larger coffee table edition with a protective sleeve.

Order your copy at:





(Credit: ©Mitchell Rose)


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