Tom Waits For No One Kickstarter

The Tom Waits For No One Kickstarter launches today!

Completed in 1979, too early for MTV, this groundbreaking animated short had no commercial release and no distribution. Without distribution or a ready market, it slipped into total obscurity before being uploaded to YouTube in 2006.


The Kickstarter will help fund the 35th Anniversary Celebration of Tom Waits For No One, set to take place in March 2015 at Catchlight Studios in Hollywood, the old La Brea Stage building where the live action footage of Tom Waits was shot. In order for this to happen, the original live action footage and video pencil tests will need to be restored and transferred to a contemporary format to be screened during the event. All elements or the film’s production, including the original animation cels and Lyon Lamb Video Rotoscope, will be brought back together for the first time in thirty-five years. Both nights will also feature music by New Orleans pianist Tom McDermott and jazz singer Meschiya Lake.


Tom Waits For No One Scrapbook will also be published as part of the Kickstarter campaign and will feature a bevy of miscellanea created, drawn, doodled or collected during the film’s production. It will include character studies, character turnarounds, storyboards and set concept drawings published in hardback and soft cover editions. The foreword, written by Gunnar Strom, describes Tom Waits For No One as “a pioneering American music video, it is also probably the first ever rotoscoped music video”.


Let’s give this remarkable film the recognition it deserves – get behind The Mule and don’t let Tom Waits For No One be the one that got away!

Visit the Kickstarter page:

Keep up to date on the Tom Waits For No One Facebook and Twitter pages.

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